GLM G4 Electric Supercar is a Surprise Launch at Paris Expo

The 2016 Paris auto expo is easily one of the best automobile events this year as a lot of manufacturers and some surprise entrants were spotted.

The GLM G4 electric supercar is among the great launches witnessed during the show.

GLM G4 Electric Supercar

The design of the model is a unique standout with gull wing doors, four seat low profile body and a striking bold blue colored variant. The car is said to be powered by a V-8 engine and the design was provided by Savage Rivale. However, a last minute change was made to the model and it was the request from GLM to introduce an electric motor under the hood. Creating supercars using electric motors and batteries is still out of question for even top brands.

GLM took the unique route that now pushed the G4 to be equipped with two powerful electric motors. They are placed in the front and rear end of the car allowing power to be evenly distributed to the axles. It is mated to a multi-speed transmission gearbox. The highly versatile model is expected to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds. The top speed of the car is pegged at 155 miles per hour.

Everything about the model is stellar especially when we take its electrified engine into consideration. Porsche, Audi and other hyper car manufacturers suggested that making fast cars with electric engines is a tough job. The GLM G4 electric model is a solid example that it is not only possible but can also be stylish with a striking exterior finish.

The G4 has a low ground clearance combined with a premium white upholstery on the inside. The interiors duly accentuate the bold blue colored exterior of the model. The front fascia features sharp, aggressive headlights. In order to get inside, the passengers should open the front door first so that the back gullwing doors can swing out. Strong door sills are used on the sides to ensure the car protects the passengers in case of a side impact.

GLM G4 at Paris Expo

The team which worked and designed the GLM G4 strongly believes that buyers are keen on owning a super car with four seater capacity that prompted them to create this model. The model is set to be launched in Singapore and Hong Kong before it finds its way to other countries including the United States. Pricing is expected to be at $224,400.

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