GO1 BMW X3 2018 Enters Production August 2017 : Bavarian Big Seller Arriving Europe in November and US Early 2018

According to sources, the latest 2018 BMW X3 will go into production in August this year and will arrive at dealers in Europe in November, and early next year in the US markets

The design of the upcoming BMW X3 will be a new and changed one, which will then be implemented across the family. The X family of BMW is its basic bread and butter, being one of the most popular of the BMWs in the US.


Changed Exterior Design

The third generation of the BMW, the GO1 BMW X3, is being based on the rear wheel drive modular system that is flexible. This makes the vehicle more spacious on the inside. The seating arrangement is also changed to offer more variability and increased comfort to passengers. The construction process is more lightweight and the company has made use of the latest platform GO1 X3, making the vehicle about 100 kgs lighter when compared to the present X3.

Compact and Stocky

The appearance of the upcoming GO1 BMW X3 2018 will continue to remain compact and stocky and will clearly stand out from the rest of the X family of vehicles. According to one source, the redesigning on the front has been implemented due to regulations pertaining to pedestrian safety. The design is a little straighter when compared to the previous design. As for the rear, the roofline is a little lower when compared to the current version and comes with a single piece tailgate.

What Else is New?

The exterior design has been changed and the cabin is comes with more premium features, as mentioned above. Apart from this, there are some high tech, safety features along with advanced telematics. All these upgrades will make the new GO1 X3 a top seller for the Bavarians.

The company is also said to be planning 2 additional B47 2.0 liters diesel units, along with the 3.0 liter straight six for the B57 and the B58 (diesel and petrol respectively). The powerplants are sturdier and more efficient by 10%. They are stronger by about 15 bhp compared to the previous units. The maximum torque on the vehicle is 516 lbft and the average driving range for the E mode is around 25 to 30 miles.


There will also be a hybrid version that is the plug in type and another version that is completely electric in the BMW X3 coming in the year 2020. According to some predictions from insiders, the two additional models are the 360 hp X3 M4Oi as well as the 422 hp X3 M.

BMW X3 M40i

Important in US Markets

The GO1 X3 will have great importance in US markets, as the sales in the country have been extraordinarily high for the premium SUV. The GO1 BMW X3 is supposed to be unveiled in the month of August this year and it will later get a world premiere, probably in Frankfurt Motor Show. The sales of the vehicle will begin some time in March 2018 in the US.

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