Google Plus Photos Will not be Deleted When the New Service Rolls In

When Google announced that they are going to shut down Google+ Photos, the company didn’t clarify a couple of things.

People rely on cloud based storage for a lot of things and Google+ Photos is one of them. There are lots of photos and videos uploaded online through this service. Those who had their content online were concerned as Google didn’t clarify on what exactly will happen to the multimedia content. In order to clarify concerns and assure their users, the project head has released a second blog post.

Google+ photos

According to the new post, Google Plus Photos will be shut down and Google Photos will take over as the new service. However, users have nothing to worry about because they will still be able to upload their photos and videos as they have been doing till date. And, the media content that they have shared using the service will be available in the cloud and will not be deleted when the new service rolls in.

From their explanation, it is clear that both services share a lot of similarities. Google has also confirmed that they wish to merge the services under one brand name as Google Photos because it is much easier to maintain.

“We received a lot of queries from users who wanted to know why there is Google Plus Photos and Google Photos. It is a technical challenge to maintain two different services which offers almost the same services. Besides, the services take its toll on our team because they have to focus on different platforms. By unifying the services under one name, it is now possible for us to offer a single, unique user experience,” said Anil Sabharwal, the director of Google Photos.

Google plus photos

Google Photos, which will be the only cloud storage service from August 1, allows users to upload photos, edit and manage them online. It can be accessed through the web as well as iOS and Android apps. The photo sharing service from Google faces tough competition from their rivals, including Flickr, PhotoBucket and Snapfish.

By bringing the services together, Google now plans to offer a better user experience and focus on amplifying the quality of their service. A whole range of new changes can be witnessed when Google Photos is officially launched, confirmed Sabharwal.

While it is easy to store your pictures on cloud storage services, it is good to have a backup copy on your local drive in case the company chooses to wipe your data clean without prior notification.

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