Google Signs Partnership with Fiat Chrysler to Build Autonomous Cars

Google has signed an agreement with FCA Fiat Chrysler and the partnership will now allow them to build on the autonomous project that Google pioneered years ago.

In order to make it possible, Chrysler will supply 100 hybrid models in which engineers could experiment with the technology.

Google Partners Fiat Chrysler for Driverless Car

Based on the agreement, the company will supply hundred Pacifica MPV and Google engineers will work on the model to upgrade the car with their own hardware, software components so as to make self-driving possible. For the first time, the technology company is working closely with a conventional automobile brand. It is expected that they will be able to make their self-driving cars hit dealership stores, made possible by the partnership. Google started its project as early as 2009 and has 70 vehicles in its line up at the moment. The list includes a Lexus RX450h among other models from different auto manufacturers.

According to the search engine giant, it is much easier to create autonomous public vehicles rather than private cars. Rules and regulations can be laid out which will lead to the wide adoption of these trucks and cars. The new Chrysler partnership is expected to make it a possibility. The internal components will be rearranged and redesigned so that they have enough space to fit in the hardware required to implement self-driving.

“The minivan has enough space for us to integrate all the latest technology and the sensors required to bring it to reality. Besides, the shape of the vehicle offers enough space for the passengers. It is equipped with hands free sliding doors making it easy to enter or exit the vehicle,” commented Google in their official statement.

The Pacifia model which is available for sale has a load of features including an 8.4-inch display with UConnect infotainment system, a small vacuum cleaner and has HDMIports in the rear seats. It makes it easier for people seated in the back to enjoy entertainment on the go. The hybrid model which Google has picked is powered by V6 engine combined with 16 kWh battery. It is capable of running 30 miles on a full charge.

Google Autonomous Cars

The company has been working hard to remove rules and regulations that deters them from bringing autonomous vehicles to the road. By focusing on public transportations, Google plans to overcome the problems faced by private drivers. Once the vehicles are ready, the fleet of Pacifia hybrids modified by Google will hit roads in multiple locations.

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