Google, Volvo and Uber Join Hands to Establish Autonomous Car Technology

The world is pushing itself towards a future where fully autonomous cars are going to be mainstream.

The recent partnership between Google, Volvo and Uber confirmed that there is no going back.

The team also includes Ford and Lyft with the primary goal to establish a specific set of rules for autonomous cars so that everyone could just follow it when they make cars of their own. There are plenty of confusion and distrust when it comes to allowing a vehicle to make its own decision. In order to overcome practical issues, the companies have come up with a community named the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets.

Autonomous Car

With a view to create federal standards for self-driving cars, Google, Volvo, Ford, Uber and Tryst will set laws which will be followed by every car that hits the road. With a universal law, it is easier to adhere to rules and regulations. It is also proposed that the idea will significantly reduce accidents and make it easier for every manufacturer to just manufacture the car but not worry about its functioning.

“When there is a single, clearly understood set of federal standards for the companies to follow, it is easier to understand and implement them. The coalition will be working closely with government policymakers and the people of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to propose rules for the new technology,” said David Strickland who previously worked in the NHTSA and is now an independent employee at a law firm.

California is the most wanted roads for almost every automobile manufacturer out there and a lot of autonomous vehicles are being tested there at the moment. The state has confirmed that they have strict regulations in place in order to oversee the newly launched autonomous vehicles.

Self-Driving Car

Some of the rules include that there should be a steering wheel in the car and a person with valid license should be seated at all times. They should be able to control the car in case there is a state of emergency and it needs to be stopped. Google and many companies are not so delighted about this idea because it voids the concept of having a self-driven vehicle. They have made an appeal in court to allow them to test self-driving cars without people and without a steering wheel. Ford and Nissan has already launched models which are more like lounge on wheels than actual cars.

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