Gorilla Glass Windshields is Coming to 2017 Ford GT

From now on, it should be tough to talk about latest cars without mentioning the upcoming Detroit auto show in it. The Audi brand is going to come up with one and it’s unique because the Q6 will use hydrogen cells to be powered up.

When every automobile manufacturer is busy building cars that run on electricity and use petrol as an alternative resource, Audi has decided to take a completely new route. Instead of launching a Q6 with a large battery and an impressive mile range, they have opted to go with hydrogen power.


The alleged name of the vehicle at the moment is the Q6 H-tron where the H obviously signifies the use of hydrogen technology. The car will use the MLB architecture which is the go to platform for Audi with all their latest launches. The company has also confirmed that they will be launching the concept version of the vehicle at the Detroit auto show.

The show is set to take place in January next year, but with just weeks to go; we have already witnessed multiple vendors revealing teaser images of their upcoming cars. Audi is just one among them but they have showcased something completely new, which has caught the attention of car enthusiasts.

During the Frankfurt show which took place earlier this year, the brand showcased their e-tron concept cars. Instead of using traditional lithium or other types of batteries, Audi suggests manufacturers to go with hydrogen cells. They are easy to mount, weighs less and is supposedly designed to carry more charge for higher mile range than traditional battery.

Tesla, the most popular e-car maker in the market doesn’t use it for now. But, the future of electric vehicles and battery packs is largely camouflaged at the moment. While the company spokesperson from Audi didn’t reveal about the hydrogen cell plan, they have mentioned that the brand is looking forward to show a concept car equipped with a new drive technology.

2017 Ford GT

Inside sources have already managed to find what Audi has up its sleeve. The Detroit show is becoming busy with every manufacturer vying to attract buyers during the event. However, it will be just one among many other auto expos scheduled for the year. There will be plenty of new technology to look forward to and we hope 2016 is truly a year dedicated to innovation in the world of automobiles.

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