HBO Documentary ‘Latin Explosion’ to Cast Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and a Host of Latino Artists

The HBO Documentary ‘The Latin Explosion: A New America’ to be premiered on Monday, November 16 on HBO TV is set to cast Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gloria Estefan and Pitbull among many others.

The documentary, produced and directed by Jon Alpert and Mathew O’Neill, is exploring the cultural and historical impact of Latino music in the US.

Latin Explosion

John Leguizamo, the Columbian-American actor-producer, would be the narrator in the documentary film. The film will follow the history of Latin music and the larger political, cultural and economical impact of Latino artists through various decades. The artists who would feature in the film include Desi Arnaz of the 50s during the mambo and cha-cha craze, Carlos Santana in the 60s, Gloria Estefan and Emilio in the 80s and Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Pitbull, Marc Antony and Ricky Martin of the 90s and after. Some of the featured artists will talk about how their hit musicals have defined the American music experience of today.

Interviews with Jose Feliciano, Anthony Martin, George Lopez, Eva Longoria, Cheech Martin, Los Lobos, Sofia Vergara, Thalia, Romeo Santos and Rita Moreno would be aired too. The producer-director duo won an Oscar nomination in 2010 for another documentary, China’s Unnatural Disaster, which covered the Sichuan earthquake of 2008. Tommy Mottola, the veteran music executive, who has worked with many of the featured Latino artists, is the executive producer of the show.

According to the Deadline, Mottola said, ‘We have assembled the largest array of Latino superstars ever, in any film so far, to tell a powerful story of history, immigration, politics and the rise from a small minority population to the most critical demographic in the US’. Latinos spend nearly $1.3 trillion annually, reflecting the huge consumer power that they represent in the country, Mottola said.

Jennifer Lopez

Mottola complemented the HBO team comprising Sheila Nevins and Richard Plepler by saying that he has had one of the richest and best experiences working with them. The executive producer said that Latinos play a very large part in the US today and HBO is the best home and the most ideal carrier of the Latino message to the US audience.

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