Hennessey Tuned Ford Focus RSMakes 405 Bhp

Hennessey Performance is known for bringing out vehicles with outrageous performance. They specialize in the art of taking a performance vehicle and making it even more powerful.

Ford Focus 405 Bhp

They have recently applied their touch to the Ford Focus RS, which makes more than sufficient to 350 bhp and 350 lb-ft of torque from the factory floors. If this is not sufficient, Hennessey Performance’s version of the Ford Focus RS makes a whopping 405 bhp and 425 lb-ft of torque. The HPE400 package unveiled for the Ford Focus RS comes with aspects like high-flow air filter, reflashedECU, and stainless steel exhaust. The latter helps the vehicle produce an even better exhaust note.

These changes are reflected on the body with customers receiving several exterior badges and a ‘Powered by Hennessey’ badge on the engine. The performance figures of the Ford Focus RSwith Hennessey tuning are not out yet, but the vehicle will be significantly better than the 4.6 second mark managed by the standard version. The standard version takes 4.6 seconds to reach the 60 mph mark. The additional 50 bhp coupled with 75 lb-ft of torque is likely to bring the figures below 4.5 seconds.

If the updates already offered on the vehicle are not enough, Hennessey says that more parts will be available in the future. These include aspects like new intercooler, wheels, though more, tires, and much more. However, Hennessey failed to reveal how these upgrades would impact on the performance figures. As of now, the vehicle does not have major changes to the drive shaft and axles. However, if users were to install the next level of upgrades from Hennessey, the vehicle would have to undergo serious modification in terms of rear differential, drive shaft, and axles in order to handle the additional horsepower.

Ford Focus

Incidentally, Hennessey has not revealed the prices for this new and upgraded performance boost to the Ford Focus RS. The vehicle is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and other European markets. The addition of this performance from Hennessey makes the Ford Focus RS a perfect contender for the American muscle cars, which are available at a fraction of the cost of European performance vehicles. The Ford Focus RSHennessey is also expected to stick to this tradition and cost significantly less. The hot hatchback competes against models like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which has been receiving a lot of positive reviews in recent years.

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