Hillary Clinton Cockily Shrugs off Accusations Regarding Wiping off Data from Email Servers

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential forerunner, cockily shrugged off accusations from reporters regarding wiping off data from her email servers during her time as one of the 20 high-ranking officials with access to classified material in the Obama administration.

The ex-First Lady bristled in anger when she was repeatedly questioned on how she used a home-based ‘mom-and-pop’ that ran from an attic and hardly had any security features. She claimed she had no idea how ‘this works digitally’ and retorted with a cocky ‘like with a cloth?’ when a reporter pestered her with wiping off data queries.

Hillary Clinton

She denied all allegations and said she had no idea that anything important or classified missing was from her servers although she defended her decision not to hand over personal mail for investigation as she deemed it private and not accessible to the public. She, however, admitted that using a private email server was very inconvenient and she ought not to have used it at all and she would definitely not repeat the mistake.

Hilary Rodham Clinton also claimed that she would have known if anything ‘top secret’ was sent from her personal server as it would be deemed ‘classified’. Countering this argument and calling it bizarre and nonsensical, an aide to a member of the Republican party, said that with her experience and knowledge, she would definitely know that ‘classified’ messages are not ‘top secret’ and ‘sensitive’ because of the ‘stamps’ they bear but by the critical contents they contain.

Platte River Networks, the service provider in Denver, that was servicing and maintaining Clinton’s email server, had known connections to John Hickenlooper, the Democratic Colorado Governor. However, it is unclear if they had any connections to Hillary Clinton. Tera Dadiotis, an ex-employee of the ‘mom-and-pop’ outfit as she calls it seemed quite surprised that someone of Hillary’s status would use such a small and insignificant service provider who was running the business from an attic.

Hillary Clinton Private Data Wiped Off

She confirmed that while she was working in Platte River Networks, they literally maintained the server racks in the bathroom and she was sure that there were hardly any resources to cover the security needs of such a high-ranking government official. Tera mentioned that the shop did not even have an alarm installed as a security feature. It is also believed that most of the employees of the service provider never knew that Hillary Clinton was a customer.

The FBI reportedly now has Clinton’s servers and it appears that an attempt has been made to wipe off some data from it. But sources at FBI claimed that the missing data could be recovered.

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