Honda Accord Air Bag Quality in Question, U.S. Safety Agency Triggers Investigation

Honda Accord is one of the most popular luxury sedans in the manufacturer’s lineup. The models have a great patronage in the U.S. and around the globe.

Such a feat was accomplished because compared to cars from other brands like BMW and Audi, the Accord is budget friendly that delivers all the luxury features people look for in a sedan. However, the recent quality concerns with its integrated air bags have caught the attention of the U.S. safety agency. They have triggered a thorough investigation of the same and if proven, the company may have to recall vehicles to fix up besides the remarks for not satisfying safety regulation standards before launch.

Honda Accord Airbag

The good news is that Honda doesn’t have to worry about every Accord that has been released so far but only those models launched in the year 2008. Over 19 different complaints have been registered by car owners in different parts of the country. All of them claim that the air bags in the car didn’t deploy during a crash. However, it didn’t lead to any injuries except for one case where the front air bags failed to inflate leading to a notable injury.

Federal officials are investigating into the issue and have confirmed that until they could confirm the issue on all models, it is not possible to recall the vehicles. One of the complaints registered in Belleview, Florida claimed that the air bag did not deploy when the car hit a concrete wall at a speed of 50 miles per hour. In order to repair the unit, the owner of the car has to spend $455 which may not be compensated by Honda until it is proven to be a failure in their system.

When the owner tried to get paid for the loss, the company rejected the claim saying that it is not under the warranty period and hence a reimbursement is not possible. In another statement, American Honda Motor Co. confirmed that they are aware of the limited number of complaints that have been pouring in and will cooperate with the NHTSA during the investigation.

Honda Accord

If found to be legit, the manufacturer is ready to recall the vehicles and fix the air bags free of cost. In an expensive sedan such as the Honda Accord, safety regulations are supposed to be extremely good. The incidents claim otherwise, but if they are proven to be individual case scenarios, you have nothing to worry about, if you are a proud owner of an Accord.

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