Honda Accord to Ignore Auto Expos; to be Launched in Silicon Valley Facility

From the recent news, it is obvious that the tech firms and car manufacturers are coming closer than ever. Companies like Google and Apple are increasingly interested in making cars while Honda, BMW and Audi are eyeing ways to improve their automobiles.

Buyers need vehicles that could offer the best of both worlds, which is why multiple collaborations are imminent. Confirming the fact, the car manufacturer has decided to break the conventional launches at auto expos and showcased the Honda Accord for the first time in their Silicon Valley R&D facility.

2015 honda accord

Industry analysts would have opined that it is not wise to launch a brand new vehicle in the tech hub where it’s all about innovation and vehicles don’t matter much. However, the company has a completely different perspective about the launch and opines that bringing out the vehicle in the tech hub is a great decision.

Matt Sloustcher, assistant manager of corporate affairs and communications of Honda said that the Accord received a massive 15 million media impressions ever since its launch and over 135 articles have been published in leading websites, newspapers all over the United States.

“Apart from the media attention we received in our own venue, filmmaker Bradley Hasemeyer’s coverage of the event using Periscope live streaming technology and Instagram updates allowed us to reach at least 50 million people over the web,” said Sloustcher. “The company was quite confident about launching the Accord in Silicon Valley because it’s a time where technology meets auto in a big way,” he added.

Honda Accord is the first vehicle from the car manufacturer that supports a wide range of technology features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The corporate communications manager admitted that cars without these features will be considered as old school which is why it is mandatory for every brand to embrace technology, whether they like it or not.

Recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook paid a visit to a BMW facility and the top managers from the company had a long chat with him about a possible collaboration. The auto firms are highly vary of selling their parts to tech firms. Similarly, the technology giants are trying to find ways to create cars on their own that could support their proprietary tech.

honda accord

Ford has already opened a facility in Palo Alto, California where all the big companies thrive. Honda has taken its first step into Silicon Valley by launching Accord in its own vicinity. The company admitted that they received enough press coverage because they invited both auto and tech journalists besides popular, independent bloggers.

The era of hybrid fuel and autonomous cars is already here. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches the buyers.

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