Honda CR-Z Alpha Final Label Edition Launched in Japan

Honda is going to launch production of the CR-Z model in Japan.

In order to mark the occasion and to give something special for the buyers, the brand launched a new Alpha Final Label edition exclusive to the Japanese market.

Honda CR-Z Alpha

The CR-Z is the only car in the region to be powered by a hybrid powertrain. And, it also happens to be the only model to be powered by a manual gearbox system. Most automobile brands have shifted to automatic transmission and integrate them in their cars. They are welcomed by their buyers that made the change possible. Ever since its debut, the CR-Z was also mated to a manual transmission and it continues to do so till the 2016 special alpha fine label edition.

Official press statement confirmed that the new Honda CR-Z Alpha Final Label will go on sale in the country from June 10th onwards. By now, you should be able to purchase the car from major dealers. There is no word on whether Honda has planned to bring the edition to other regions. Such exclusive models always have higher demand out of their home market. If the brand decides to keep it exclusive to the Japanese market so as to show their commitment to their buyers, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the idea is to give something special before they stop production.

The Alpha Final Label Edition of the Honda CR-Z will feature 17-inch alloy wheels. They are lightweight and offer better aerodynamics. The exclusivity of the model is showcased by the badge that is stylishly embedded on the dashboard. All the seatbacks are embroidered with the tagline, ‘CR-Z Final Label’. The bundle also includes tonneau cover, a navigation system and the steering wheel boasts of piano black finish. The special edition cars will be sold with two tone color or solid color schemes.

Honda CR-Z

A 1.5-liter inline four powertrain is used under the hood. The engine is mated to an electric motor which when put together is capable of delivering about 130 horsepower with up to 140 lb feet of torque. The torque capacity varies according to the transmission the buyer opts for. The six speed manual system provides 127 lb feet while the CVT powered option delivers 140 lb feet of torque.

The CR-Z is available on North America but has very limited presence in the market. Based on customer response, Honda may choose to go for a second generation.

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