Honda Gearing Up to Show 2016 Civic Coupe at LA Auto Show

If there is an award for the most number of variants in a series, Honda will easily win it for their Civic series. The auto manufacturer is going to unveil a brand new 2016 Civic Coupe at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show.

The show has been gaining traction with multiple vendors gearing up to showcase some of their best vehicles. Top brands, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz have confirmed their participation in the event. Honda will obviously be taking part in the event during which they have confirmed that the 2016 Civic Coupe will be on display for the first time. They are planning to launch a two door model with much sportier lines, according to the official press statement.


The smaller two door variant of the coupe will be using the same 2.0-liter inline four engine or the 1.5-liter turbo engine as found in the four door model. Civics are known for the lineup it offers and Honda promised that even though the model is around for 43 years now, they are going to show a lineup like never before, during the Los Angeles Auto Show. It will be the most diverse and innovative choices ever offered, claimed the company.

Apart from the four door and the two door models, there will be an utterly stylish Type R model, a five door larger hatchback design and a Si. The Type R is relatively new to people in the United States and it will probably be one of the fresh entries to land in the country in a long time. After the auto show reveal, Honda will bring the coupes to the dealership stores within a month’s time.

Earlier, Honda revealed the Clarity FCV in the Tokyo Motor Show. The company, in their detailed press statement, has talked at length about the new clarity fuel cell that they plan to use. It will be an innovative alternative fuel technology which allows the designers to mount the fuel cell stack as well as the drivetrain system in the front of the car.


The Los Angeles Auto Show is scheduled to take place on November 18 during which Honda will provide more technical details about the 2016 Civic Coupe lineup. We expect the automobile manufacturer to reveal the pricing of the car for the United States customers. With so many models available, it might be difficult to keep track of the price list, but we will surely bring it all.

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