Honda NSX is a Supercar, Official Pricing and Specifications Revealed

Honda has revealed official specification and pricing for their upcoming supercar titled the NSX. The car is coming to United States and will offer a massive 550 bhp ready to beat the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari among other luxury car makers.

The car manufacturer has focused most of their time on creating commuter vehicles. When you mention Honda, it is Accord and Civic coupe that come to the mind of the buyers. They have had a very small presence in the world of supercars, which might possibly change, with the arrival of NSX. According to the company’s official release, the car will be priced at $156,000 for the base model.


It is definitely not something that an average buyer will go with, but for those who have plenty of cash lying around, the car is probably an amazing choice. The Honda NSX is a possible competitor for the Porsche 911, the BMW i8 and Audi R8. Honda has also confirmed that even though they have conveyed the U.S. pricing of the vehicle, buyers who are interested in getting it in other regions may not have to worry. It will be a conversion of the dollar pricing so as to keep the vehicle as affordable as possible to everyone.

In a touch of nostalgia, they also confirmed that the NSX is not something new to Honda. The first edition of the car was released in the year 1989. The car was designed and developed by Ayrton Senna, a former Formula One racer who is known for his speed and endurance on the tracks.

Even though, the company managed to keep it afloat for a very long time, till the year 2005, they couldn’t find enough buyers interested in their product to keep production going. The face-lifted NSX was discontinued in the same year. After a decade’s wait, the manufacturer is getting back into the supercar race with the same model. From the images we saw, it is a promising launch with more style quotient that you could ask for.


The Honda NSX supercar is a hybrid vehicle powered by a V6 petrol engine and has a whole lot of features integrated into it. It features an all-wheel drive system, has carbon ceramic brakes and will feature 20-inch alloy rear wheels. Lightweight steel and other advanced materials have gone into production to make the vehicle extremely lightweight on the road. At this cost, everything that you expect and more will be delivered, said the manufacturer.

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