Hyundai Aims To Launch Multiple Hydrogen Models By 2018

Hyundai is aiming to bring multiple vehicles to the consumer market and all of them scheduled for 2018 launch will be using hydrogen fuel cells.

Hydrogen Models

The aim is to make the new fuel system more affordable than it already is. The information was gained through a Korean newspaper. The government is keen on promoting better fuel efficient and environmental friendly vehicles to the general public. With a view to achieve this goal, they have partnered with Hyundai to help introduce hydrogen cell models. The pricing of the car will be half of what the Hyundai Tucson fuel cell models demand.

The government is looking forward to have at least 10,000 cars on road by 2020 and all of them should be powered by this new cell technology. The upcoming model from Hyundai is supposed to go up to 373 miles on a full charge. The proposed distance is exceptionally large and possibly higher than what Tesla plans to offer with their Model 3 car.

While electrified vehicles are gaining popularity among general public, Hyundai is taking a whole new route to deliver something unique. However, pricing will play a crucial role in helping them reach their customers. Based on local pricing in Korea, the car should be close to $54,000 which is quite higher than what Nissan, Ford and Tesla have planned to provide with their electric vehicle lineup.

The Tucson FCV is already available in the United States. To make it more affordable, the auto manufacturer provides an option for buyers to lease the vehicle for a three-year period. They have to pay $499 every month and $3,000 should be provided as down payment to receive the vehicle.

The business model might be embraced by some while others find it too much to pay as they have to shell out money every month, instead of owning the car at one go. The upcoming Hyundai hydrogen cars are expected to go for a more conventional sales tactics making it easier for potential buyers to go for it without leasing issues.

Hydrogen Models By 2018

With the crossover and SUV market booming in the U.S., manufacturers from around the globe are planning to make the most out of it. Almost every model launched throughout the year falls under this category. Minor changes are being made to make them appealing but bigger cars with more space and reliable performance is what buyers look for. Auto makers are doing their best to cater to their needs.

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