Hyundai Genesis New York Concept is a Four Door Sedan Set for Expo

Genesis is heading to the New York expo ahead of which the company has launched a teaser image and a video to show their new styling design.

In the concept image, the front end of the car is shown and it gives a good idea of what Genesis has planned for the future.


The front design of the Genesis car is very similar to the 2017 Genesis G90 earlier revealed by the company. It was showcased a couple of weeks ago at the 2016 Detroit auto show and is going to be the brand’s flagship model. All other cars following its launch will follow the same design elements so as to stay true to the pattern set by the engineers.

The front grille is fully blacked out and uses a honeycomb design. It is designed with dual-purpose, one is to look stylish while the same also acts as the front side air vents to keep the engine’s temperature under control. While the teaser image is totally concealed to the front end of the car and doesn’t show much, the video is detailed and should give potential buyers a good idea of what to expect.

Some unique features of the Genesis New York concept that we could make out from the video include curvy haunch, narrow tail lights, broader headlights that seamlessly merge into the front grille and a sleek design especially on the sides. It is going to be a four door sports sedan and is the first of many which will redefine the design aesthetics the company has followed throughout the years.

While the auto manufacturer is tight lipped about the impending launch, based on the announcements they have made in the past and the car lineup, it looks like the new launch will replace the existing Hyundai Genesis model. Earlier, the brand has confirmed that they are planning to launch at least six different cars before 2021. The lineup of models is coming one another the other with the G90, and the G80 with four more to go.


Another Genesis G70 is set to get launched probably next year which is designed to compete against the BMW 3 series entry level model. When all of them get launched, they are probably going to be crowded in the market and it could also be a time where electric vehicles and semi-autonomous cars have become mainstream. They may have to make all models future ready to withstand competition.

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