Hyundai Ioniq Cars are a Mix of Conventional Design with Futuristic Attributes

Creating a car which can blend conventional design elements buyers are familiar with and adding futuristic attributes to them is a difficult proposition and Hyundai has accomplished this with their Ioniq concept models.

For the first time, the company is going to launch an entire series of cars which will be powered by electric motors. They are not plugins or hybrids which makes them exceptionally exotic than the range Hyundai has now. Instead of going with it under their usual brand name, Hyundai prefers to establish something new so that it could withstand competition in a future filled with all electric vehicles.

Hyundai Ioniq Cars

The automobile manufacturer has released an official concept art of the car. The image shows a car which has been aerodynamically optimized to the core. You won’t be blamed if you assumed that it resembles a jet fighter more than an actual commuter’s car. The rear of the car is extremely high, which is quite different from the likes of Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius. These two are the most popular competitors in the market at the moment.

However, when Hyundai officially brings their big guns out in several months’ time, it would have probably changed a lot. Tesla, the unopposed king of electric cars will be facing a whole lot of competition like never before.

On the inside, it is expected that even though extremely slim, the car will have amazingly spacious interiors. There is cabin room to store enough luggage for four passengers and the center of the dashboard has been optimized so as to make it look clutter free. The infotainment system will be totally touch friendly and will support all latest connectivity options when the vehicle gets an official launch.

Hyundai Ioniq Cars 1

Hyundai added that the seats and other elements used to construct the vehicle are eco-friendly. The concept images also revealed the interiors which are equipped with cool blue seats with a nice trim. In its first edition, the Ioniq range of cars will be available in three different variants. The first one is all-electric as promised and the second will carry a gasoline engine fused with an electric motor.

The hybrid Ioniq is expected to appeal to majority of the audience who are still skeptical about adopting a technology that has little support on highways. The third could be a plug-in car or a whole new variant of sedan. Hyundai will showcase their concept ideas at the CES and other auto expos.

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