Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid is a Worthy Competitor of the Prius

The Hyundai Ioniq is one of the most anticipated vehicles in the market. The car is all set to compete with some of the biggest players in the industry, especially the Toyota Prius that has been enjoying the space due to lack of competition.

The Ioniq range of cars from the brand has been teased in multiple images and for the first time, a spy photographer has managed to capture the vehicle in all its glory. The shots leaked in the recent past actually show the car in metal. So far, people always had to be satisfied with the concept car version images. Looking at the vehicle, we can easily say that it is going to pose one of the toughest competition to every plug-in and hybrid model around.


Hyundai took time to showcase the concept images at multiple auto expos this year. However, they have confirmed that the long wait has finally come to an end. The car’s actual design will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. The expo is set to take place in the month of March which won’t be too long a period, to wait to catch a glimpse of this sporty new launch from the automobile manufacturer.

It is promoted as the environmental friendly family car which sports an aerodynamic design and has a slippery top which allows the vehicle to go at a fast speed like never before. The shoulder line is exceptionally sharp and it is probably a full hatchback, but we could make little from the leaked images. They are bit blurred and don’t reveal the actual design aesthetics.

There is also an image which shows the interior of the vehicle. According to Hyundai, the car has been made eco-friendly at all points. There is no compromise made in making it safer to drive in the environment. A brand new design platform has been used in the Hyundai Ioniq which enabled the designers to mount powerful lithium ion battery packs.


The car will also be equipped with a 1.6-liter petrol engine and even when the vehicle is being driven in the electric mode, the power from the engine will be used to a certain extent in order to boost its acceleration. In every perspective, Hyundai has done an amazing job of creating the best hybrid and electric version of the car which might pose the best competition to everyone out there. Can you wait to watch it in action?

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