Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Powetrain Details is Officially Released

After a short wait, Hyundai has released the official specifications of the Ioniq hybrid powertrain. It is one of the anticipated electric vehicles that is expected to help the brand and the technology move forward.

The Ioniq Hybrid has three different cars lined up for the moment. Out of the three, Ioniqs that are scheduled for dealership launches, the Prius fighter will be the first to be out. On the inside, the car will be powered by a 1.6-liter Kappa GDI engine. The engine will deliver a decent 104 horsepower which is also coupled with an electric engine capable of pumping out 43 horsepower. It uses a dual clutch transmission system.


For the convenience of the driver and to keep the center of gravity low, Hyundai has mounted the lithium ion battery near the bottom of the vehicle. It makes it easier to stay stable on the road and improve stability when cutting corners at high speed. There is no word on the total mileage the car offers. The manufacturers are tight lipped about the information as it will help define their dominance in the market.

Chevrolet has already launched the Bolt 2016 edition at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company claimed their car will run 200 miles on a single charge and it is priced at the $30,000 mark, making it the most affordable electric car with amazing distance coverage. Hyundai Ioniq range of vehicles is expected to compete with these competitors, but being a hybrid, it may not be a direct competitor for the Bolt.

Apart from detailing the power train information of their upcoming hybrid vehicle, Hyundai has released a couple of images. It revealed the amazing design of the exterior and the posh, connected interiors of the vehicle. The taillights are triangle in shape while the rear lip is exceptionally large.


On the inside, the car is aesthetically designed with black matte finish which is accentuated by the blue outlines on the air vents, the infotainment system and the seat cushions. The center console placement is quite similar to the other models. As part of their initiative, Hyundai will also launch plug-in hybrid variants and a fully electric version of the Ioniq car in the near future.

You can take a look at those pictures. The version Hyundai showcased is a white colored model but the interiors will almost be the same for all cars in the Ioniq series; we hope so.

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