Hyundai Ioniq Officially Launched in Korea before Geneva Motor Show

The Hyundai Ioniq’s 2016 model is a milestone for the brand and will be available in PHEV as well as petrol electric hybrid powertrain variants.

The car set for a Geneva Motor Show launch is already available for purchase in Korea.


The region is a surprising choice for such a highly advanced electric car to be picked as its first spot in the world to make its appearance. However, we can say that Hyundai may have its own reasons for releasing the model to the dealership stores even before its grand reveal at the auto show in March. The car’s fully electric model is the most hyped about, but in order to appeal to a large group of audience, they have also made the petrol engine variant and the hybrid models.

Ioniq series of cars is going head to head against the successful Toyota Prius lineup. Prius has been enjoying a space where no budget, electric cars have been launched yet. While Chevrolet has its own Bolt besides other models from top manufacturers, the stylish sedans continued to evade them. Hyundai seems to have got it right this time and with so many variants of the car available, it could easily become the most preferred choice among buyers when it launches.

The first model to hit the dealerships will be the one featuring the 1.6-liter Kappa GDi engine and it’s a hybrid model. The car delivers 103 horsepower through its petrol engine and has 108 lb feet of torque. There is a lithium ion battery powering the electric motor, which is capable of rendering 43 horsepower and 125 lb feet of torque.

Hyundai has also officially launched an infographic image which details how the powertrains work and the way they have managed to achieve 40% thermal efficiency during operation. The car uses a six-point direct fuel injection system and the power is directly sent to the front wheel axle. It has a dual clutch transmission system.


A massively clutter free approach has been used for the interiors of the Ioniq which is highly eco-friendly and uses soft touch plastics. While it may absorb hand grease, the designers claimed that they have used a slight matte touch to make it free from finger prints. The digital touchscreen display, air vents and heating controls are placed in such a manner that the driver could access them without discomfort.

Once the Geneva show is over, it should reach other markets including the US and UK.

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