Hyundai May Introduce Luxury EV Under Genesis Brand

Hyundai has some great plans for their newly launched Genesis brand.

The luxury wing of the auto brand may receive a new all-electric vehicle.

2017 Genesis G90 front badge

The company is already experimenting with sports cars and hybrid powertrains. However, jumping into the electric bandwagon is a huge jump for Genesis. The news comes from Manfred Fitzgerald, senior vice president of the brand. He confirmed that they have plans to introduce an all-electric luxury vehicle. It is part of their lineup but they haven’t decided on the timeline to introduce one. Most auto manufacturers are waiting for their competitors to launch their electric vehicle because once it becomes mainstream, it is much easier to sell the cars.

Tesla was the pioneers of the idea when they launched the Model S sedan followed by the Model X SUV. The automobile manufacturer is now working on a cheap electric car named Model 3. They have officially announced the model which is priced at $35,000 and can cover 200 miles per hour on a single charge. In an earlier announcement, Genesis said that they are planning to launch six different luxury cars including plug-in hybrids. It is not clear whether they are going to add the all-electric vehicle to the lineup or rather add it as the seventh car in the series.

The Genesis G80 and the G90 are announced while another sporty, compact model to compete with the BMW 3 series is also under development. Rumors claimed that the small car will be named the G70. Commenting on their upcoming launches, the company’s vice president said that electric cars definitely have a strong future in the automobile industry and the Genesis brand is going to take part in the race.

Genesis New York Concept front

Instead of building electric vehicles designed for long commutes, Hyundai and Genesis will focus on the luxury component of the car. While both companies are under the same management, Genesis is committed to differentiating itself from its parent company in all ways. With their new electric vehicle, the brand aims to directly compete with Mercedes, BMW, Ford and other brands who are pushing EVs of their own from 2018 onwards.

On the other end, Hyundai is planning to launch its own electric car with an impressive 200 miles per hour mileage. Electric vehicles so far are still below the 100 mile range which auto manufacturers aim to break with their new launches. In a couple of years, all we may see is EVs roaming the streets.

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