Hyundai Planning To Launch 200-Mile Electric Car In 2018

Hyundai is going to give Tesla a touch competition when they launch the Model 3 electric carin 2018.

New reports indicate that the company is going to launch an EV which will have a solid 200-mile range.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid cabin

The information comes from aleading automobile magazine and sounds authentic. Hyundai has already launched their I series cars which focus on electrifying the vehicles. The idea is to give a tough competition to Tesla. If they manage to make a car which could run 200 miles on a single charge. Currently, two different hybrid vehicles are being offered by Hyundai which can cover a meager distance of27 miles on its electric motor. The Ioniq family is a breakthrough as the engineers managed to achieve at least 110 miles on a single charge. It made it easier for passengers to travel good distances before a recharge is necessary.

Hyundai is establishing a strong relationship with its sister concern Kia. The companies plan to build a large lineup of electric vehicles and double the numbers before 2020. Earlier, the team announced that they will launch at least 26 vehicles by the end of this decade. Now, they added that there will be two more vehicles to join the line. Kia is going to come up with an electric soul hatchback with 93 mile range when fully charged. Optima hybrid sedan is also in the cards which the brand has planned to revamp to suit the modern generation. A Niro hybrid car is in the charts but one or more of these models may not make it to the stores.

While Hyundai is planning its own strategy, Volkswagen announced that they are going to constructed a Giga factory as done by Tesla. Every last company is inspired by the electric automaker Tesla without doubts because they are copying their every move. But, it obviously leads to better results. If successful, Volkswagen will be able to construct hundreds of electric cars without delay. The Giga factory will make it easier to construct large batteries efficiently and also help increase the mile range of each model they construct.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid front

Not only Hyundai, Volkswagen and Kia but brands including Ford, Nissan, BMW and Mercedes Benz have their own version of hybrids as well as EVs lined up for launch in the future. Most of them are eyeing a launch in 2018 which seems to be the sweet spot to introduce such an innovative technology to change the automobile world.

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