Hyundai Releases Official Images and Teaser for Ioniq EV 2016

Hyundai is taking a definitive plunge into the world of electric cars and the Ioniq 2016 edition is their key to unlocking a brand new world of vehicles that run on electric motors.

The brand has confirmed that they will be launching a PHEV variant and a petrol electric hybrid model as well. When the Ioniq was officially announced, it was expected that the vehicle will be fully electric on launch. However, in order to appeal to a wide range of audience and to make the brand more marketable, Hyundai has decided to introduce hybrids as well.


Industry sources already tout that Hyundai has done an amazing job by offering the same model in three different powertrain variants. Tesla offers its cars, only with electric motors while most companies prefer to go with hybrids or plug-in models. The brand has broken the conventional rules to create something that is unique. There is something for buyers from all strata and with varying budgets as well as requirements.

An official teaser video has been released on YouTube to give the buyers a perspective into what the cars in the Ioniq range have to offer. It is powered by a 1.6-liter Kappa GDi engine and has a total power of 103 horsepower, combined with 108 lb feet of torque. When combined with the electric motor, the car gets a boost of 43 horsepower which is not significant, but will add better performance as a whole.

The upcoming hybrid vehicles are mounted on the brand new Niro platform. Hyundai, in their official statement, said, “With the new platform, riders will experience an all-new level of control and stability in the car. It is made using advanced high quality, lightweight steel and aluminium. The overall weight as been reduced in multiple components used to build the car”.


In the set of official pictures the company launched, they have also shown the interior of the Ioniq car for the first time. The photos show a cabin made of plastic and plenty of eco-friendly materials. They are lightweight, yet robust and provide a luxurious appearance. Chrome colored trim and leather is used in specific points to add to its aesthetics.

The company believes that they will be setting a new benchmark in the world of hybrid cars and push electric cars much further. Making EVs viable for the general public in terms of pricing and mileage is what manufacturers are aiming at, at the moment.

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