Hyundai Showcases Ioniq Series with Wide Range of Drivetrains

Hyundai is working with a strong focus on electric drive trains and the brand has showcased some of their amazing cars, which are all powered by an electric motor.

The world of hybrids and plug-in cars is expanding at a rapid pace; an unexpected twist in the automobile industry. Hyundai is going to ride the hype train with their own range of vehicles and the set of cars which uses electric motors will fall under the class titled Ioniq. There will be three different power train options to choose from. Each one of them will have a different battery pack, which will be merged with a conventional gasoline engine.


The brand has released a teaser image of the vehicle which shows how the end product will look like. They have also launched an official press release which provides all the technical details that you need to know about the exotic range of hybrid and electric cars. Hyundai confirmed that the Ioniq range of vehicles will be available in three different variants, one with a gasoline engine, another a hybrid and the last will be an all-electric car.

Going for an all-electric car has been posing a couple of practical issues for the buyer because of their decreased range and the inability to charge a vehicle on the go, if it runs dry. However, Hyundai and many other top manufacturers have been working on increasing the range of their electric cars. The Ioniq series will be among the first lot to promote the vehicles on a large scale and bring them to the mainstream buyers.

More technical details and availability of the different variants of the cars are yet to be disclosed. Hyundai confirmed that the entire architecture of the vehicle was built with electrification in mind and it has been made future proof so as to enable the designers to adopt newer engines and bigger battery packs, as technology evolves.


Some of the design elements and features of the Ioniq sedan are very similar to those in the successful Chevrolet Volt 2016 edition. While the brand enjoyed immense success with their Volt series, it looks like Hyundai is trying to do the same with their own version of the car. If it succeeds, it could give Chevrolet a tough competition in the market.

The series of cars will get launched in Korea next year followed by a global launch. According to the region’s customer base, all variants may or may not be available.

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