Hyundai Is Working On Next Generation Fuel Cell, Aims To Launch It In 2018

Hyundai is the pioneers of technology and has always given their best to the automobile industry.

Hyundai Tucson fuel cell

The brand revealed the fuel cell vehicle which was suitable for mass production in the year 2013.

Similar to it, Hyundai is working on a next generation fuel cell now. If the research and development division gets the job done, buyers would probably see the new technology in all vehicles from 2018 onwards. By this innovation, the automobile brand is planning to push the fuel cell technology to new levels and give new vehicles a much needed boost.

According to an automotive magazine, Hyundai is going to introduce the fuel cell in all their vehicles. It is expected to be eco-friendly and deliver an increased performance. The new range of vehicles powered by the fuel cell will provide an output which falls right in between that of a CUV and a SUV.

The battery size will witness a significant increase in the new range of vehicles launched in 2018. Hyundai confirmed that they will go with a smaller fuel cell which will have more capacity but will physically be smaller in size designed for the new chassis. The electric motor to be used in the car will have higher capacity. The new technology is about to coincide with the 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea.

The idea is to promote the brand new technology and the lineup of vehicles at this huge event in Korea. It will give Hyundai an amazing head start and advantage against other competitors. Talking about the vehicle, the company’s eco-development director, Ahn Byung Ki commented that the event is big and they like to let the world know that the team has come up with the best eco-friendly invention in recent times.

Hyundai tucson fuel

“The event is huge and we look forward to make the most out of it. Such events are always great for PR. We love to show what we have accomplished this time,” said Ahn in his statement.

Hyundai already provides their Tucson fuel cell for vehicles in California. They are being leased for a sum of $499 a month. It also includes free hydrogen fuel. The company has touched some milestones including one where their drivers have managed to complete over one millions on road using the fuel cell. At least 28 new energy efficient, green vehicles are slated to get launched under the Hyundai brand before 2020.

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