Hyundai’s Connected Car is Capable of Repairing Itself On the Go

In the recent past, Toyota shared their idea to roll out connected cars and how Microsoft will help them achieve their goal.

Hyundai just jointed the race and added that they are working on cars which should have the capability to repair itself on the go.


The company confirmed that instead of rolling out overtly futuristic ideas, they are going to focus on short term goals. The first step is to make it exceptionally easy for any smartphone and other devices to connect to a car. It includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto features besides the company’s own proprietary system. The motto “Connect Cars to Life” is Hyundai’s correct objective. Once they have achieved it, they are moving towards a futuristic goal which may take another five years or so to be fully accomplished.

In their visionary world, Hyundai will roll out cars which uses smart remote maintenance services. The service will allow their engineers to directly communicate with a vehicle, diagnose problems if any and fix them while the passenger is using it. The idea is not straight from a science fiction movie because computer software developers are already doing it. Microsoft has been rolling out security updates to protect Windows for a long time and it may do the same for the automobile industry.

Besides, Hyundai strongly believes that the connected cars will hardly face any issues because of the regular maintenance solutions offered by them. Apart from repairing them on the go, they will be able to read lot of important statistics including traffic updates, road infrastructure, driving patterns among others. It will help them tune the autonomous features in the model to make them progressive and stay aware of changing user trends.

Cloud technology will be used to its best level to allow Hyundai to achieve this. They have already launched a dedicated research and development team to make it possible. Mobility Hub, an exclusive feature from the manufacturer will be added to all future cars allowing them to communicate with one another as well as the engineers.


A hyper, connected and intelligent concept car from Hyundai will soon make its way to any of the upcoming auto expos. It is the first step towards creating a future where everything runs on its own. Besides, it may also lead to the time when people no longer have to drive cars and rest while the vehicle navigates through tricky traffic conditions.

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