Rapper Ice T to Become a Dad Again at 57

Ice T, a legendary rapper, is set to become a dad again, despite being aged 57. According to a source that is close to the rapper, it seems that his wife, Coco Austin, (they have been together for 14 years now) is expecting.

Ice T and Coco recently revealed their enormous plans of launching a daily talk show titled “Ice and Coco”, which will premiere on Fox channels from August 3. However, it seems the pair has something even bigger than this going on. Coco has always been very open about her desire to have kids, despite the fact that her husband already has two children and a grandson who is 20 years old. Her dream is finally coming true.

Ice T

Ice T and Coco are already familiar with parenting duties thanks to the fact that the two own two bulldogs, namely, Maximus and Spartacus. However, the idea of having babies of their own is not new either. This was evident in 2012 when Coco broke down in tears upon receiving information from her doctor that due to her high blood pressure, she could not safely carry a child. This happened during one of the many episodes of the couple’s hit reality show – Ice Loves Coco. This did not deter her efforts of having a baby as the model revealed last year that she was on prenatal vitamins to help boost her chances of carrying a baby.

Despite the many efforts Coco has put in just in order to make sure that she gets a baby of her own, it doesn’t mean she will be ready to give up on her sexy image. According to her, she believes she has what it takes to keep everything under control, extremely sexy despite her pregnancy.

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