Iggy Azalea Admits Plastic Surgery is No Easy Walk

Celebrities often undergo plastic surgery to change their appearance and look better. While it will be obvious that they have made significant changes to their face and body, seldom one would accept the fact. However, this is not the case with Iggy Azalea, the 25-year-old rapper.

Azalea has no inhibitions or feel bad for having to change parts of her body to look better. Her interview is the featured cover article for the month of September in the Seventeen magazine.

iggy azalea plastic surgery nose job chin implant

Sharing her experience to the interviewer, the rapper openly admitted that she did undergo plastic surgery as a result of which her nose has been altered and she now has bigger breasts. “There is nothing to feel ashamed about changing things that I feel doesn’t suit my looks. Besides, it is really tough to live in this modern world, especially for a girl. The cameras are everywhere, some shot by other people while girls have to shoot pictures of their own and upload them to get likes. There’s more social pressure than ever to look their best,” said Azalea.

For a young rapper, it is really hard to admit the fact that she looked bad before she underwent the surgery. Even though, Azalea said that she doesn’t mind looking really bad on specific days, she added the media wouldn’t allow her to live like that.

“I have an obligation to look everywhere I go and even when I am at home. It is not easy to live with flaws. But it is equally difficult to make a decision and change them permanently. It is an emotional journey that I underwent and am back now,” said Azalea.

iggy azalea

Towards the end of the interview, the rapper added that there are still things that she dislike about herself. Even though, there are flaws, it is not possible to change them all. No one can achieve complete perfection, she said to the interviewer on an end note.

The magazine has confirmed that when the September issue launches, there will be more exclusive information to look forward to. Iggy Azalea has spoken in-depth about the journey and the hurdles that she underwent before it could be successfully accomplished. She had also shared a couple of important tips in the interview, for the teenagers of the world who aspire to do plastic surgery to look better. It might give them a better insight of some of the dangerous things that they should avoid.

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