Improved Google Glass 2 is Compatible with Other Eyewear

The failure of the first edition of Google Glass cannot be solely blamed on the company, because people were scared of the new technology that stalled sales.

Besides, it is not easy to create the best product in the first attempt, unless it is done by a company like Apple. Google understood a lot of flaws that made the Glass so unpopular among the consumers. It never reached the corporate firms and medical sectors as planned. The search engine giant is determined to change it once forever with their upcoming Google Glass 2.

Google Glass

New Device, Easy to Latch On

The biggest advantage of the Google Glass 2 is its all new rectangular design which features a button and hinge for the camera. You can easily remove it off the glass and attach it to any eye-wear as you please. The fixed frame design in the first edition didn’t go well with the audience because people who already wear power glasses couldn’t use it. Besides, there are so many brands of eye-wear available in the market that sport better build quality and choice when compared to the default version supplied by Google.

With the new edition, the main focus will be on professional industries including corporates, health firms, medical and research centers. The glass has a lot of practical benefits when used in these industries where they act as a second monitor for the wearer. Seminars could be conducted with ease as it is capable of simulating visual content which eliminates the need for projectors.

The professional edition of the product has already been distributed to software developers. Many apps have been built by the developers to allow the users to complete a wide range of tasks. They are set to get launched along with the glass, probably before the end of 2015.

Google Glass

When Google decided to release the consumer version of the Google Glass, it was priced exorbitantly at $1500. The pricing was not the only concern of buyers as they were more concerned about their privacy. Buyers didn’t want to lose their privacy in order to adopt this sophisticated wearable technology. Even before its official launch, it was banned in public venues including coffee shops, shopping malls and public parks.

However, Google Glass 2 is expected to fix many of these issues. The device is powered by a brand new Intel processor which is more powerful than its predecessors. Its external battery is expected to offer more battery life than the first. The prism display is thinner and is fully adjustable for convenient view.

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