Infiniti Debuts Concept Car QX Sport at Beijing Auto Expo

Giving buyers a quick glimpse of what the future of QX70 models could look like, Infiniti officially debuted the QX Sport inspiration concept at the Beijing auto expo.

Many of the features found in the concept car is familiar by now. The hood is long and the car is more muscular than it used to be while the roofline is designed to be swoopy to resemble a coupe finish. The new sport model is inspired by the Q80 which Infiniti debuted at the 2014 Paris auto show. The headlight design is borrowed from a human eye and the C-pillar features a crescent cut. These features are prevalently found in various models including the 2017 edition of the Q60 coupe and the QX30.

QX Sport Car

Infiniti during the auto show announced that they are planning to build the SUV heritage they begun as early as 2003 with the model FX45. The idea is to expand their products globally and when they do so, it should appeal to a large group of audience.

“We are stepping into the most popular segments and the concept cars are not just to showcase innovation but have great potential to be converted into production models. The QX Sport inspiration concept is a true representation of what we have in mind. It shows some exciting things that could be added to the mid-sized SUV,” commented Francois Bancon, the brand’s vice president.

The concept car doesn’t have side mirrors but instead use rear facing cameras which offers highest level of precision. The model has two integrated exhausts within its rear diffuser while the LED cluster light on the rear is similar in design and performance when compared to the front headlights. The car is designed to accommodate five passengers and the center console is made in such a way that the driver has access to all controls without losing focus on the road.

The center touchscreen is free standing and its position can be altered like a tablet as required. Even though, the inspiration concept is made to seat five passengers at once, it is best suited for four adults according to Infiniti. The brand wants to give the best experience to each one of them. The interiors feature two tone black layout similar to body armor and black saddle leather covers majority of the interior space.

QX Sport concept car

Nucbuck leather and silver stitching is used in specific sports to add a posh finish. The concept is expected to go to production by the end of this year.

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