Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Set to Reveal New SUV at Beijing Auto Expo

A teaser image of the upcoming sports SUV from Infiniti has been launched online.

The image shows a stylish new offering from the brand which is slowly catching up in the race against some of the renowned players in the automobile market.


The concept SUV is still in its early stages. The research and development team is working on building the Infiniti QX Sport inspiration. A lot of changes will be made to car before it officially hits the dealership stores. For now, the concept model will be showcased at the upcoming Beijing auto expo set to take place in the month of May.

In their official statement, Infiniti representatives said that the upcoming QX Sport SUV is their next generation vision to build a car which is compact yet premium in its own respect and offers the features a buyer looks for in such models. In the teaser picture, a part of the car is visible but the actual design and its overall perspective cannot be found.

From what is shown in the teaser, it is evident that Infiniti is going for a slim and sleek appearance. It has a lot of similarities to the Q30, the company launched recently. The brand also claimed that the upcoming premium SUV has a bold, wide muscular lines inspired by the Q60 coupe. It includes wide wheel arches and A-pillars. Without being able to see the car, it is hard to comment on its bold appearance. You may have to wait a couple of days before the launch takes place.

There is no word on when the Infiniti QX Sport will go into production and get launched to the general public. While a 2017 launch is rumored at the moment, it is purely speculation as Infiniti never made any valid statement so far. They are expected to talk more about its features, powertrain variants, pricing and launch date at the Beijing auto show.

The upcoming model is expected to replace the ageing QX50 which is limited in production and didn’t witness impressive sales in a long time. We will be visiting the upcoming auto show where along with Infiniti a host of other automobile manufacturers are going to showcase their latest and greatest models. Stay tuned to know all the updates and know when your favorite car will hit dealership stores. It’s going to be one other interesting expo to look forward to.

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