Is Tesla Model X Doomed? New Survey Shows Lack of Interest for Electric Vehicles

In the next six weeks, Tesla Inc. will release the highly anticipated, all electric SUV, the Tesla Model X. However, that anticipation seems to be overrated, as new survey in the US shows lack of interest for purchasing electric vehicles.

According to the survey by Harris Poll, the sales numbers of electric vehicles and hybrid cars are the same as in 2012, when the electric cars started gaining popularity. The consumer’s interest hasn’t changed dramatically, no matter that more and more companies are trying to get an all-electric vehicle on the market to rival the Tesla Model X. Audi, BMW and Mercedes are all into the market, with latest reports showing that Aston Martin and other premium brands are interested as well.

Tesla Model X

However, in 2015, the sales of all-electric vehicles were still at 3% of the total sales in the US, a percent that is same as the one in 2012. And while those 3% equal half a million units, it is still the same number.

Judging by the survey, the interest for Tesla Model X and other electric vehicles is the same. The results showed that 48 percent of Americans consider a traditional hybrid (same as in 2012), while there is an increase of 2% for plug-in hybrid and EV, as the interest rise to 29% and 21% respectively. One of the biggest concerns consumers have is the range, as well as the price. Money talks, as evidence by 81% of people responding that price is very, if not the most important factor. At the moment, electric vehicles and hybrid cost as much as premium traditional cars. And while the prices are going down with more competition, it is still much cheaper to buy compact, small luxury vehicle than an electric vehicle.

Tesla Model X Electric SUV

Tesla Model X might change that approach, as the electric SUV vows to deliver premium specs and performances for a competitive price. The Model X might also solve the distance problem, as even the base configuration will offer 200 miles with a single battery charge. The Tesla Model X will also offer consumers ability to transport heavy load, as the electric vehicle will sport tow bar option. The seating capacity of the electric SUV is 7 people and all of them can sit comfortably. Comfort is one of the selling points of the Model X, since most other electric SUVs offer seating for four to five passengers.

Tesla Inc. has received around 25,000 reservations and down payments for the Model X. Whether the results of the survey will hamper those sales, we will have to wait and see. But the poll of 2,225 adults in the US also showed that men are more likely to consider buying electric vehicles.

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