Jaguar E-Pace SUV Spotted in New Spy Shots

Jaguar has a second SUV set for an imminent launch which has been named the E-Pace. There is very little information available about the upcoming car but a bunch of spy photos have emerged online giving a good idea of how it might look on the road.

In order to keep spy photographers off the track, the engineers have equipped the E-Pace with specific body parts from the Range Rover Evoque. It drastically changes the shape of the car with components from older models, but the Evoque is unique in its own way.

jaguar-e-pace-mule-spy-1-hero (1)

The information has been acquired from the DVLA and the E-Pace has been officially registered towards the end of last year, in December. It is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine. The company has a namingconcept based on which it is easy to deduce that the E-Pace falls right in between the F-Pace crossover and the conventional F-Pace.

All the latest models from Jaguar including the XE, XF and the F-Pace are all built on the same aluminum body which is extremely lightweight yet robust and strong to withstand pressure. The platform named the iQ AI is convenient that it allows the engineers to use an all-wheel drive or a rear wheel drive system as required.

The brand new Jaguar E-Pace will be built on the D8 platform which has the same qualities of the older platform. Based on the information provided by the magazine, it is also known that there will be an all-wheel and a rear wheel driving system available. The company opted for this particular platform because it is highly cost efficient and makes it easier to build the new SUV without too much investment.

A turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engine variants will be mounted in the E-Pace so as to appeal to a wide range of SUV buyers. There is no word on the company planning to go for a hybrid model, because once again it increases the investment factor when they are not sure how well it will go with the buying public.


Jaguar has had a very strong history in producing the best SUVs around the globe under their Land Rover brand. The E-Pace will go into production towards the end of 2017 and it is expected to hit dealership stores in the year 2018. Official specifications and pricing of the vehicle may take some time before Jaguar reveals it to the general audience.

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