Jaguar is Joining the All-Electric Car Bandwagon in 2018

The year 2018 seems to be a great time to launch electric cars. When at least half-a-dozen automobile brands like to bring out their cars in the same year, it is obvious that it has something to do with EVs.

Tesla was the first to create the hype by announcing that they are going to launch a cheap electric car named the Model 3. It was earlier rumored to come out in 2020 but later pushed to an earlier time in 2018. The year caught on with everyone because if Tesla was the first to race and get things done, they could lose themselves because most people would have already purchased a car by then.


Porsche announced their plans to come up with a EV in the same year followed by Chevrolet, Ford, BMW and now Jaguar joins the list of electric car manufacturers. Just like everyone else, they are not ready to leave the hype train and launch a car that runs purely on a battery pack. It may or may not be a success as expected because gasoline is not something that will vanish in a day. However, companies have to take the risk and invest in the new technology which is what Jaguar will do.

The company earlier said that they are planning to bring the electric SUV much earlier but has now confirmed that 2018 seems like an ideal time to make the launch. The proposed Jaguar F-Pace EV will compete against the hugely successful Model X SUV launched by Tesla. Even though, Tesla had to delay the launch of the sports utility vehicle by many months, when they finally brought it to the general public.

Audi has its own electric SUV lined up for launch. The only deterring factor that Tesla faces is the exorbitant price tag for their car. Even though, it is justified at the moment, it won’t be long before the competitors catch up with lesser priced SUVs that offer better mileage and features. Jaguar however is eyeing a completely different market where they plan to offer high performance models for a higher price tag.

2017 Jaguar XE

All-electric is all the rage now and the future looks promising for the entire automobile industry. The designs for these proposed concept cars is yet to be out. They will most probably pick one of the upcoming auto expos to do so. Meanwhile, you can check out the Model 3 at the Geneva show.

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