Jaguar Land Rover is About to Go Electric, Factory to be Setup in UK

Jaguar has already confirmed that they are going to build a couple of electric cars and expand the brand’s presence in the new segment.

In a new update, the company’s boss confirmed that he is interested in building those cars in the UK.

Jaguar Electric I-Pace

Speaking during a recent event, Ralf Speth, Jaguar’s head said that the brand is keen on adopting new technology and allowing their customers to experience the best they can on road. In the recent past, all top companies including Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari were against adopting electric or hybrid technology in their cars. They opined that the power generated by a petrol engine cannot be replicated with an electric motor. It wasn’t true as Tesla has already offered the best speed and reliable performance with their Model S sedan.

The brands have slowly realized the importance of changing pace as the entire automobile industry is shifting towards the new technology. Jaguar will setup their factory in UK and aims to overcome the infrastructure, production issues that they might face. Tesla has a long running tradition of delayed releases as they face battery issues among other advancements. However, in the end the electric brand has managed to meet what people need and in most cases went well beyond their expectation.

Land Rover expects to accomplish the same. According to Jaguar’s boss, at least fifty percent of the cars that get launched in the upcoming years will have some sort of electrification in them. They could either be plug-in, hybrid or fully electric as revealed by Speth. The brand’s first big push in the electric market was confirmed with the I-Pace concept model revealed at the Los Angeles motor show this month. It looked promising in terms of style and performance.

The upcoming I-Pace which is quite similar to the F-Pace in many aspects except for the powertrain which is electrified, will be made in Austria. The model is scheduled to hit dealership stores in 2018. The first models to reach the store with plug-in hybrid technology are the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover.

Jaguar I-Pace Electric

When Britain came out of Europe, it was assumed that automakers may no longer be interested in setting up factories in the country. The new announcements confirmed that they will not only be established but will also be used to create hybrid and electric vehicles, the future technology that is expected to keep the automobile industry relevant to contemporary buyers.

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