Jaguar Land Rover SVO Performance Division Expanded With New Designs

Jaguar Land Rover is a luxury automobile manufacturer who expanded their production unit with the SVO performance division.

Jaguar Land Rover

The special vehicle operations created some of the outstanding cars in recent times.

The SVO division was confirmed and launched in 2014. Within a span of two years, the engineers in the division rolled out multiple cars including the Jaguar F-Type SVR, F-Type Project 7, and the Range Rover Sport SVR. At the moment, the division employs over 1,000 employees. Jaguar is keen on expanding the division after the innovative cars they came up with. It helps the brand stand apart in the competitive industry. Latest updates confirmed that they plan to increase the size of the SVO division by hiring 250 employees.

John Edwards, head of the SVO performance division commented that the entire team is really energetic about the projects they do. They have helped them achieve such success within a short period and it is what moved Jaguar into expanding the division further.

“With the decision to expand, the division now has enough space to work, the technology, facilities and products. All of them are available at the same spot enabling the entire team to bring the best out of every product we create. Our idea is to exceed the expectations of our customers around the globe. Many of them are so demanding but we are ready to deliver. When we strength our team, we will be able to come up with exciting things. Looking forward to make use of this opportunity,” said Edwards.

SVO is looking forward to launch at least one new year ever year until 2020. With the expansion, they will be able to research and deliver without missing the goal. A new location is being acquired for the technical team to work. They are also assigned to work on the Jaguar Land Rover Classic model.

Jaguar Land Rover SVO New Designs

In the new technical center, SVO will have different division allocated for specific job roles. There will be a commissioning suite and a viewing suite. The manufacturing plant and painting facility will be in completely different part of the factory so that they don’t interfere with the overall process. The objective is to create some of the best Jaguar and Land Rover cars. They are the pinnacle of innovation and performance the automobile brand likes to display to their loyal customers as well as those who are planning to be.

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