Jaguar Launched Long Wheelbase XFL at 2016 Beijing Expo

Jaguar launched the long wheelbase XFL at the 2016 Beijing auto expo with much fanfare and the company confirmed that the exclusively large sedan will be manufactured in China with a strong focus on the region.

A major share of vehicles launched at the show will be making their early debut in the country and will also have specific powertrains among other features for the buyers there. The show being held in Beijing obviously inspired automobile manufacturers to focus on one of the largest customer markets in the world. The Jaguar XFL will be one among many and the company plans to produce it at the newly built aluminum body shop located in Changshu.

Jaguar Wheelbase XFL

The car is designed on the standard wheelbase found in the Jaguar XF model. However, it has been stretched to accommodate the XFL model which will provide additional seating space for the rear passengers. The new launch from the company is all about convenience and offering the best comfort while in motion. It includes connectivity features and easy wifi hotspot. Eight different devices can be connected to the hotspot at once including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Instead of forcing people in the rear to watch movies on a center console, the entertainment system is extended to the rear with 8-inch displays. Passengers can view movies, music videos and other connect from their smart devices if they prefer on their very own screen. The heats support heating, cooling features combined with massages making it an ultimatum in automobile luxury. The car is equipped with cabin air ionization.

An innovative feature found in the long wheelbase Jaguar XFL is the clear exit detection system which automatically detects the presence of a car in the rear. If someone is going to open the door when there is incoming traffic, it warns the person to avoid a collision. The Land Rover model is equipped with InControl Pro Infotainment system with 10.2-inch touchscreen display. An additional 12.3-inch TFT display is part of the console designed to provide navigational commands.

Jaguar XFL model

Safety features in the XFL includes autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistant and fully adaptive LED headlights. The car is powered by a six-cylinder engine with an eight speed automatic transmission system. The V6 engine is capable of generation 340 horsepower and the model uses rear wheel drive system. There is no word on including an all-wheel drive as an add-on.

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