Jaguar Has No Plans to Build a Wagon

The automobile brand Jaguar has plans to build a wagon anytime soon because based on sales records and buyer interest, the company has concluded that there is no demand for the particular body type in the region.

The automaker has a couple of models in Europe at the moment and it was earlier anticipated that they might go for wagon versions of the same. However, in their statement, the company’s top officials confirmed that they don’t have any plans because the wagon market is rapidly shrinking.

Jaguar X-Type

“We are really sad to see that such a thriving market is no longer on the top line. It is not easy to justify a new product for this market,” commented Callum, chief designer at Jaguar. Speaking to an automobile magazine in Europe, the designer added that there is a cult following for wagons in the United States. Buyers in the country are eagerly buying such models whereas such interest is not shown by residents in UK or Europe. United Kingdom happens to be the home market for Jaguar yet they couldn’t sell so many wagons there.

According to Callum, the biggest automobile market is in Germany but majority of the buyers prefer to buy German cars rather than opting for a foreign brand. Audi, BMW and Mercedes have some of the best-selling sedans in the country. Wagon versions of the sedans are also being sold by these manufacturers which makes it extremely difficult for other brands to step into the competitive community.

Jaguar has already brought two different wagons based on the powertrain and design of their existing sedans. It includes the ones inspired by the X-type and the XF sedans. The brand is going to focus on making more crossovers than wagons because they are some of the best-selling models. The F-Pace stands proof to this claim but an XE wagon is no longer in the cards.

However, sources confirmed that the automobile manufacturer has planned to focus on creating a compact crossover based on the E-Pace and based on the success attained by the F-Pace, a J-Pace is also being considered by the team. It will be a three row model with enough space for at least seven passengers and a complimentary add-on to the XJ sedan.

Jaguar XE

While it is disheartening to see Jaguar drop the idea of building a wagon, it’s more of a temporary decision and might change if there’s better sales.

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