Jaguar Range Rover Ready to Beat the Bentley Bentayga with a $300K Luxury SUV

Jaguar Range Rover is synonymous with the buyers because people automatically associate the brand with the luxury SUV segment.

Little known to everyone, there are many SUVs that are more luxurious, flamboyant and expensive than the higher variants of the Range Rover available in the market today. The Bentley Bentayga is one great example, which is all set to witness the launch of the 2017 edition. Buyers will have to shell out a massive $229, 100 to purchase this epitome of luxury which boasts of leather and wood lined interiors. And, with a view to make it ludicrously expensive than it already is, the company lets you add a Breitling Mulliner Turbillon clock which is priced a bit higher than the total cost of the Bentayga.


With other manufacturers touching the roof with their expensive vehicles, it is no wonder Jaguar wishes to do the same with their Range Rover series. The company’s most expensive vehicle with all the add-ons costs 160,000 Pounds, which is considered cheap, when compared with the likes of the SUVs offered by Bentley and Rolls Royce.

Talking about the launch, John Edwards, Special Vehicles Operations Manager commented that they are looking to expand their line-up with new luxury additions.

“Our buyers definitely believe that the Range Rover is the best luxury SUV that they could get for their money. By expanding the vehicles with additional features like bespoke paint and fully customizable interiors, we offer them more choices to go for”, he said.

Edwards also added that the cost of the new SUV could go as high as 200,000 pounds, making it the most expensive vehicle in the Range Rover series from Jaguar. He admitted that they have stretched the vehicle to its maximum possible size and the team is still looking for ways to stretch it even further to provide more legroom for their passengers.


Brands like Bentley and Rolls Royce look up to them for inspiration which Edwards considers as a great accomplishment. The manager was all praise for those who managed to keep the brand at the top for more than five years in a row. While the technical specifications of the upcoming Range Rover is sparse at the moment, it is evident that it is going to rock the industry when it gets launched.

Most manufacturers are aiming to showcase their next gen cars and SUVs in 2017 or further. We can probably expect the same timeline for the upcoming model from Range Rover as well.

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