Jaguar XF Sportbrake Model is a Possibility, Confirms Design Director

Jaguar’s lead design director Ian Callum had a chat with the media and confirmed that the company has planned to bring out an estate version of their popular XF Saloon.

The car will get launched before the end of the year.

In his earlier statement, Callum had some contrasting views about the possibility of the estate model. However, in the interview he confirmed that he made no such statement and the company always keeps its option open so that they could build one when the time comes.

Jaguar XF 2017

“I never said that Jaguar will not build another wagon. Instead, the question posed to me was whether the brand is interested in building a new XE wagon. I commented that we won’t which is a confirmed decision in our sector. While an XF estate if built will be a pretty car, it is still too early to comment on it,” said Callum.

It is officially confirmed that the upcoming estate model is coming. The car is scheduled to get launched at the Frankfurt motor show. The expo takes places in the month of September in 2017. With a whole year to go, the developers have plenty of time to focus on every component and come up with the most impressive jaguar model yet.

An exclusive image released by the company showed that the upcoming car could sport an extremely sleek front end, similar to the one found in the current XF model. The back window is shallow in appearance while the front fascia is adorned by a double half-loop LED headlight borrowed from the saloon.

Jaguar confirmed that the boot space in the estate should be around 600 liters which is a slight bump when compared to the space available in the saloon. When the rear seats are completely folded, it is increased by 100 liters to a total of 1700 liters. Callum during the interview added that he is extremely fond of wagons produced by the company and it satisfies most customers. There is always scope to expand in the segment.

Jaguar XF Sportbrake Model

“The market keeps changing. While sedans continue to be a great choice for most people, families grow as years pass. They obviously need bigger vehicles to accommodate every member of the family and wagons become the best cars to go in such situations. As a manufacturer, we are supposed to find these varying times and cater to them accordingly,” he added.

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