Jaguar’s First Electric Car in 2017 Will be a SUV Inspired by C-X75

The luxury car maker Jaguar is poised to jump into the electric car market in 2017 and surprisingly they have picked up a SUV as their first ever launch, instead of a fast paced sports car that they are known for.

The upcoming electric SUV from the brand is going to draw some heavy inspirations from C-X75. It’s an extremely stylish vehicle on road and is still a concept car that people can witness in the newly released Bond movie Spectre. Long gone are the days when manufacturers focused on supercars because Jaguar positioned their new concept as the hypercar and the dream vehicle that they are going to build in order to beat the rulers of the sports car segment.


Hardcore competitors of the concept C-X75 are McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder. They have been around for a long time now and it is not easy to beat them unless Jaguar could create a perfect car that changes the competition in a drastic manner.

Land Rover will be the one to receive concepts from the C-X75 with a powerful twin charged four cylinder engine and an electric motor. It is a crossover which will be a bit smaller than the F-Pace and will be the first of many to hit the market. After all, when everyone is busy building cars that could drive on their own and hybrids which can automatically charge its electric motor while on the move, it is obvious that Jaguar doesn’t prefer to be left behind.

Tesla has already announced that they have made production process faster so as to bring the cheaper Model 3 to buyers within two or three years. They have already launched the Model X electric SUV which witnessed enormous success. While everyone stayed away from taking such risks, the electric car brand took a bold first step and they are reaping the results unanimously without competition.


Jaguar will probably be competing directly against Tesla when they launch their own SUV in 2017, because there are hardly any other competitors planning to join the sports utility battle. Most of the brands are building electric sedans with increased mileage because going for a SUV is a tough call and it is still considered to be a segment which is not preferred by majority of the audience. Tata is working to help Jaguar realize the EV dream which is not a far cry now.

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