John Cooper Work’s Tuning Kit Pushes Mini Cooper S Carbon Edition to 208HP

A wide range of changes have been implemented into the Mini Cooper S Carbon Edition which is now officially launched in the United States and has a price tag.

The special edition variant will be sold for $36,250 in the U.S. and if you have been wondering why the price is much higher when compared to the previous models, this one is not just limited in terms of looks but has some performance tweaks as well. The Mini is equipped by John Cooper Works Pro Tuning Kit.

John Cooper

With the help of the kit, the car’s overall horsepower has now been boosted from a mediocre 189 HP to a much higher 208 HP. It is not easy to achieve such numbers from a car that hardly gives space for custom modders to modify the engine and boost its performance. But, the people at John Cooper has made it possible. They have not only made it faster and stable on the road at such high speeds but have also managed to make the car super responsive. It is done by updating the existing engine software program and significantly reducing the gas exhaust pressure which tends to push the car in the wrong direction, even though a driver may not be able to find why the responsiveness varies.

The latest version – the Mini Cooper S Carbon Edition provides U.S. customers with two different driving modes to choose from. There’s a Track mode and a Sport mode, both of them made possible by altering the original exhaust system with a JCW valve exhaust unit.

As the name suggests, the manufacturer advices users to use the track mode primarily on a race track and not anywhere else. It is designed to provide maximum emotional sound which in other words means the car will become extremely loud as seen in racing circuits. Driving the vehicle in this mode during traffic hours is definitely not suggested. The Sport mode makes it sportier, adding more speed and control with a sound that is found in the standard version of the Cooper S.

Mini Cooper S

Both these modes can be conveniently altered with the help of a Bluetooth controller. The four-door car sports a shiny metallic midnight black paint and uses 17-inch JCW track spoke black wheels. The navigation system is exceptionally large with an 8.8-inch display. The car has heater sports seats for maximum comfort and delivers brilliant sound through the Harman Kardon speaker system.  The automatic transmission variant is priced at $37,750.

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