Justin Bieber Tells that the Best Part of his Teenage Life: Relationship with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber openly admitted to his feelings for Selena Gomez when he told in an interview that the best part of his teenage life was his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Despite the Jelena relationship being completely over and out, both of them can hardly stop talking about each other at various media forums.


In an interview with Mai Morning Crew, a New Zealand radio show, the 21-year-old singer talked again about his on-off relationship with Selena Gomez, which seems completely off at present. One of the hosts from the radio show asked Bieber what he would tell his kids in the future was the ‘best part of his teenage years’.

A lot of suggestions were thrown at the ‘Never Say Never’ singer, including the usual and regular joys of teenage achievements such as getting a Ferrari. However, Bieber replied, ‘Probably, my relationship with my ex girlfriend’, after a long thoughtful silence. This reply shocked the hosts because they were given strict instructions to steer clear of this sensitive topic.

Although he did not mention her name in particular, there is no reason to believe that Justin Bieber was referring to Selena Gomez as he did not have a notable relationship with anybody else. But the ‘Where are you now’ singer chose not to offer any further explanations to his response. He simply added, ‘I’m not gonna talk about it, but I’m just gonna say that and we’ll leave it there’.


The Bieber-Gomez on-off relationship has been one of the most-talked about across the celebrity media. Between them too, the emotional see-saw is obvious with Justin at one time saying ‘he is emotionally scarred from the relation’ and Gomez saying that she is ‘sick of talking about Jelena’. Soon after, Selena seemed to be fine with giving him another chance, but Bieber responding that ‘he couldn’t be himself when they were together’.

Considering the fact the couple loved each other so dearly and almost grew up together, it is easy to understand the emotional roller-coaster that they keep riding so often. Fans are also happy to see so much of love and understanding between one of their favorite couples as they find the strength to look back fondly at joint memories despite a very painful breakup.

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