Keating Berus Is Working On a Supercar Slated For 2017 Launch

Keating supercars is a little known brand which has its own array of high performance models.

Keating Berus

The company celebrates its tenth year anniversary during which they announced that a brand new supercar is under works.

The automobile brand is known for making some of the best and lightweight cars. While they are extremely light when compared to many other models in the market, the cars don’t compromise in terms of performance. The primary objective of the brand is to make vehicles which deliver the best speed and acceleration. They usually have very little focus on the comfort level. The thrill of driving a fast automobile is what matters the most to Keating.

The upcoming model named the Keating Berus is the outlandish ever attempted by the crew. According to the company’s own words, the car will be in the shape of a snake’s fangs. The name Berus is inspired by the snake Vipera Berus, a venomous snake found in dense jungles. If you are not familiar with the brand, you will probably be intimidated by the figures the company claims. They are often known for making some extreme claims and the new supercar is going to be on par with the brand’s image.

Three different versions of the Keating Berus car will be produced. The base model will have a decent 650 horsepower but it is the high end model that would make you swoon. Keating says that they aim to achieve at least 2,000 horsepower made possible by twin turbocharger. In comparison, the newly announced Bugatti Chiron supposed to be the world’s fastest car delivers just 1,500 horsepower. The brand’s earlier Veyron delivered much lesser.

Keating Berus 2017

So, can Keating do something that the all mighty Bugatti couldn’t? They probably might and we can confirm what they are up to only when the car hits the stores. An electric version of the supercar is also in the works. It will deliver a total of 400 horsepower. A half-scaled model of the Berus has already been developed and it is displayed at the University of Bolton’s Center.

The car is slated to get launched by next year. The earlier model, Keating TKR has already broken some records by delivering a top speed of 260.1 miles per hour. Their ZKR is more close to a commercial car. The new Berus from Keating is going really ambitious and if they manage to achieve it, the team will set a new benchmark for every other manufacturer.

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