Kelly Osbourne Apologizes on Facebook for Racist Comment

From the comments she made, it looks like Kelly Osbourne loves to be in the middle of a controversy now and then.

Just a couple of months ago, Osbourne made an offensive comment about Giuliana Rancic. She not only insulted her but it publicly shamed Rancic. Later, she left the ‘Fashion Police’ team. Now, she might have realized how Rancic would have felt when the incident occurred.

At the moment, Kelly Osbourne is the most hated celebrity on Twitter and every other social media channel. She received more backlash than anyone could imagine for the racist comment she made during a television show. Despite the repeated attempts by the co-host to pacify the situation and explain what she really meant, the comment went viral on the web and there’s no stopping it.

With no other go, she has finally took to her Facebook social profile and formally apologized for her comments. She also clarified that she didn’t mean what she said and it was never meant to have been conveyed that way.

Kelly Osbourne

“I am not a person who shies away from the mistakes that I commit. I have always been someone who wouldn’t be scared and takes responsibility for my actions. In this case, I should say that the blame is on my poor choice of words. What I spoke during the show was misunderstood and I like to apologize if I had hurt people unknowingly. However, I would never apologize for being a Racist because I am not one,” read her apology note on Facebook.

The comment that Osbourne made was aimed at Donald Trump who earlier blamed Mexicans for sending rapists into the country. When a question was posed to her about the approval ratings that Trump has received, she said, “If you shove every Latino out of this country, then I wonder who would clean your toilets, Donald Trump.”

In defense, Rosie Perez who hosted the show added that Latinos are not the only people in the country doing that job. Osbourne replied that she never meant it that way and she would never make such a bad remark about an entire race of people. “I am not part of this argument,” she said in the end.

Nothing could save Kelly Osbourne from the onslaught of people who criticized her harshly in every comment section and social media platform. After her Facebook apology, some 4000 people has liked her status which might be her ticket to redemption.

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