Kia GT Prototype Spy Pictures Emerge From Testing Phase 

Kia is still a long way to go to in getting their GT car into the production phase.

However, the prototype version is ready and they have already started testing it on the roads. The recent spy pictures confirmed the news.

2017 Kia GT

Spy photographers are always on the lookout to catch these cars in action and this time they have managed to find the Kia GT prototype on the road. The testing phase is underway and surprisingly the engineering team didn’t fully camouflage their test mule. They have left some of the areas open giving us a good idea of what to expect before the design is finalized. The side view of the car looks a lot like the Audi A7. The similarities could be because of the fact that they are being built on identical platforms.

From the size of the car, it is expected that Kia may go for a large hatchback for the GT rather than a trunk. The rear is dominated by the quad exhaust tips. We obviously have no official word from the company but based on these tips, it wouldn’t hurt to assume that the car may be powered by a 3.3-liter twin turbo V6 engine used by the Hyundai Kia model. If it is the same powertrain as speculated, the engine is capable of rendering a total of 365 horsepower and has 376 lb feet of torque.

With limited camouflage, it was easy to spot the rear lighting. Kia has adopted it from the Genesis G90. It is huge and runs through the entire width of the car giving it a bold appearance in the rear. The headlights seem they are curved and triangular in shape. The same was revealed earlier when the GT concept was showcased by Kia. The brand might most probably stick with the same design for their final production version.

2017 Kia GT front

Large air intakes are found in the lower part of the car which leads to a speculation that Kia is building a car with a high output engine and forced induction. The base model of the car will be powered by a rear wheel drive system. Buyers can go for an all-wheel drive but it will be available only as an option and will incur additional costs. A wide range of safety features and autonomous technology will be integrated into this premium model from Kia. The performance oriented GT is one of the most wanted cars of the season.


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