KIA Launches ‘DriveWise’, a Dedicated Brand for Electric Vehicles

Majority of automobile manufacturers are making electric cars under their own brand, but KIA has gone a step ahead by launching DriveWise. It’s a new brand entirely dedicated to making EVs and they will get launched under this new title.

The sub-brand was officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which is underway at the moment. Like many other manufacturers, KIA made use of the moment by detailing some of their future technology at the show. They also confirmed that the research and development team is working on a semi-autonomous vehicle, which is slated for public launch in 2020. When they say ‘semi’, we could identify it as the Tesla Model S autonomous tech where a driver has to be seated in the vehicle and occasionally touch the steering wheel to ensure their own safety.


KIA could be building a similar tech. Autonomous technology is being blamed sky high for being soulless and most suggest that the car may choose to kill the driver or a pedestrian if given a choice to choose one. It doesn’t have the AI to make a split second decision as people do, which has pushed many manufacturers to opt for the semi-autonomous driving system.

Apart from the new brand announcement, KIA also took their time to detail some of the upcoming features they have scheduled for their vehicles. The Highway Autonomous Driving, HAD uses radar, cameras to be on the lane at the same speed for long hours removing the stress of driving from the actual user.

Then, there’s the Urban Autonomous Driving kit, UAD, which has access to live traffic updates and high precision sensors that prevent the vehicle from colliding with other vehicles in a tightly packed road. By using GPS, it finds its way to the location and drives you to it at least semi-autonomously!


There is a whole lot of new technologies the brand showcased at CES 2016. It includes the Traffic Jam Assist, Drive Status Monitoring, Emergency Stop System and Autonomous Valet Parking. All of them will work together in order to make the upcoming range of cars from KIA semi-autonomous but we won’t be seeing any of the technology at least until 2020. With a couple of years to go, the manufacturer may focus on integrating some of the ideas into their existing cars to make driving easy.

The company confirmed that they aim to launch fully autonomous vehicles by 2030!

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