Kia Niro Hybrid Is Now Available For Purchase, Pricing and Specs Confirmed

Kira has officially launched the Niro hybrid for the UK market.

The company has revealed the model’s pricing, technical specification and other details customers need to know.

2016 Kia Niro

The new hybrid crossover is aimed at Toyota Prius. The automobile manufacturer offers four different trimlines to choose from with the base model priced at £21,295. With the Niro, the company has paved way for a brand new category of vehicles named the hybrid utility vehicle, shortly known as HUV. The hybrid motor is mounted on the crossover body and is an important launch for Kia.

Throughout the promotions, Kia has been promoting the Niro hybrid as an extremely green car. When compared to Toyota’s Prius, it is much higher in terms of keeping the planet green with extremely limited emission. The entry level model is equipped with DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, lane keeping assist and cruise control. When you opt for the next ‘2’ model, it adds a large 7-inch touchscreen navigation system to the dashboard, parking sensors, automatic wipers, reverse camera and portions of the seats will be designed using leather material.

A top of the range Kia Niro hybrid will use an 18-inch alloys, a bigger 8-inch touchscreen system, heated and leather seats, while the driver’s seat can be electrically adjusted to the desired position. There is a limited run first edition which adds more safety features like blind spot detection, autonomous braking and the seats can either be cooled or heated, based on the situation. The pricing is much higher for this model pegged at £26,995.

Kia Niro 2016

Designed to offer the best power, the Niro hybrid uses the latest version of a lithium ion polymer battery. It is extremely compact but at the same time, the battery can render up to 12v power to keep the car going. The hybrid technology is incorporated with a predictive energy control system. The tech takes note of the road and if a curve is ahead, it reduces power generated so as to make the most out of the hybrid battery.

The Niro hybrid uses a 43.5bhp electric motor which is capable of delivering a total of 139 horsepower when combined with the engine and has 265 Nm of torque. It is mated to a six speed dual clutch gearbox. A connected driving experience is what Kia is aiming to achieve with these specifications and implement it in all their models. It is designed to offer better comfort and the best of performance.

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