Koenigsegg is Looking to Launch a Four Door Model

Sports car usually stand out of the crowd because they are unique in many ways and are usually not designed for the average commuter. They are fast, looks cool, not so fuel efficient and most of all can’t accommodate more than two people at a time.

After catering to the elite crowd which don’t mind these million dollar cars having just two seats, Koenigsegg is set to consider making a four door car in the near future. The sports car lover market is at a saturation point where it’s all about selling a refreshed model every year. The success to make more revenue relies on creating new customers which is what the brand is aiming at. It’s not just them because even Bugatti has a similar idea.


The company’s boss, Christian Von Koenigsegg revealed the news to the media but he added that the idea is very much at an early stage.

“We are still working and the idea is yet to be approved by the board. A lot of suggestions are being poured into the drawing board and probably we will arrive at a conclusion in due time,” he said. The brand has been mulling over the idea of launching a sports car with four doors for a while now, confirmed the CEO. Even though, their existing models are selling well, the new suggestion sounds enticing to him and his entire team of enthusiastic engineers.

Apart from a four door model, Koenigsegg is also mulling over the idea of launching an all-electric vehicle. For professional sports car manufacturer, fuel efficiency doesn’t seem to pose a huge issue but their target audience may never compromise for less speed and performance. Delivering the same on an electric motor is a complex task which they aim to overcome in the next few years.

It is not confirmed whether the brand is going to go for an all-electric sports sedan in the next few years or a hybrid model. Koenigsegg confirmed that they will go with whatever is hot during the time of production and is feasible without compromising on overall performance.


The company recently launched the Regera at the 2016 Geneva auto show last week. The car boasts of an amazing 1,500 horsepower and is a hybrid model. It is designed to compete against the Bugatti Chiron which was launched at the same expo. Both cars look simply adorable but a conclusion can be drawn only when a head to head comparison is possible.

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