Lamborghini Egoista is a Single Seat Supercar, May Actually Go into Production

Most automobile manufacturers might shy away from the idea because a single seat supercar is like a pilot’s cockpit designed solely for racers and not buyers.

But, Lamborghini is not the one to give up so easily that they are already taking steps to build the Egoista.


The super car was a concept which was showcased by the company some time ago but no one ever believed it to take it so serious. After all, it hardly makes sense to build such a beast vehicle only to allow one person to reach one point from another unless it is a racing track. However, recent patent rights and filings confirmed that Lamborghini is actually going to go ahead with the idea. They are planning to bring the concept car to reality which will be extremely powerful on the road and obviously priced so high that majority of the world’s population has to say no to it, not because they like to, but because they have to.

If you have been wondering what Egoista means, similar to the design of the car, its name stands for selfish when translated from Italian. So, there’s the message that the Italian auto manufacturer wants everyone to know; because you are going to be able to drive it on your own and enjoy it without another co-passenger. It’s of course selfish and a bit lonely, we could say.

On paper, the concept car will be powered by a V10 5.2liter engine which delivers a substantial 600 horsepower and has a design which is very similar to the popular Apache helicopter. The type of chopper is used in battles and mostly in military operations. Being a single seater, it is easy to make the car look like a helicopter irrespective of what a buyer might actually think of it.


In their press statement, Lamborghini said that it’s a gift they are endowing upon themselves with hardly any plans to make it into an actual car and sell it to the users. But, newest trademark filings confirmed that are going ahead with the idea. The company has filed a patent for the name, its features and also a couple of merchandise designed around the Egoista product.

For now, we just have the trademark as a proof that the manufacturer is still interested in their dreamy project. It may or may not go to the floor, but if it does, it is going to be a limited edition for sure.

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